Investing in Gramercy Park Condominium

Gramercy Park Singapore

If you are looking for an investment opportunity to add to your real estate portfolio, you should consider Gramercy Park Development at Grange Road. With consistent rental returns of close to 3% you will be hard pressed to find a better option for real estate investment. A Gramercy Park CDL Investment is an investment that would be recommended by many asset managers.

Real estate portfolio creation

Finding the right investment thesis is crucial in identifying the best condominium in Singapore. When you look at the movement of investment funds across Singapore. You will realise that a lot of buyers are moving to prime district home acquisition. To be frank, the returns are much better.

What better way to find the right home than by looking at Gramercy Park, sick of turning your days into long weeks by searching on property guru. Take on the Singapore investor mindset and put your money in Gramercy Park.

Temasek Holdings Investment in Premium Condos

An exclusive enclave that will reap fundamental capital appreciation and even a high cash on cash return for your family. With the deferred payment scheme, you can expect a good return that will set you and your family on the right trajectory to build multi-generation wealth. The honest approach is always the best approach when looking for the Singapore Investment. Key funds like Temasek and GIC have also invested heavily in Gramercy Park. If you would like to know more about the profile of owners that live at Gramercy Park feel free to find them at our Owner Investment Meetups at Orchard Boulevard.