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The rental market is relied upon to stay dreary in the year as supply keeps on overpowering interest, says Orange lee’s Mr Wong.

This is generally because of the high volume of private homes finished as of late.

Mr Wong anticipates that request will stay topped because of the powerless monetary viewpoint and right outside work workforce.

Temasek Holdings Investment in Premium Condos

As indicated by SRX Property Price record for non-landed private rentals, year-on-year, leases in November 2016 were around 4.5 for every penny from November 2015, and down 18.9 for each penny down contrasted with its crest in January 2013.

Also on the IDB front, in view of SRX Property Price Index for HDB year-on-year, leases in November 2016 were around 4.6 from November 2015, and down 12.2 percent contrasted with its crest in August 2013.

Ms Juliann Teo, head of private renting, Singapore, JLL predicts leases in the prime areas to decay by roughly 6 to 8 for every penny.

“Given the late key financial pointers, turnaround in rents are not expected until Q1 2018. lf turnaround happens, we anticipate that it will be a continuous grade,” she says.

JLL expects the opportunity rate for private properties island wide to drift around 9 for each penny. Albeit around 14,000 units are slated for culmination this year, not as much as the roughly 22,000 units in 2016, not all will be for rent instantly.

“From the consummations, we likewise anticipate that non-prime locale will represent a greater number of units than prime regions, converting into a bigger weight on rural areas since exiles cally want to live in the prime regions,” she includes